i miss you already.

i feel in love this week...it happened on thursday actually. our torrid love affair was meant to be as soon as i opened the box, there they sat 10 stems of the most gorgeous ranunculus i had ever seen. orange beauties with exploding green centers as big as baseballs. i thought long and hard if i should be greedy and take them home for myself (which i rarely do) or if i should actually put them on the floor for others to enjoy. i begrudgingly put them in a vase and put them on the floor, somewhat hidden under some lilies secretly hoping nobody would see them and that i could take them all home. with in 10 min half had sold. the rest went the day after. i miss them already. 

on a side note...if i had a yard, i would only grow these ranunculus, everywhere. so please...grow them yourself and fondly think of me. (yes that little link is for the bulbs for these amazing flowers)

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Sarah said...

Gorgeous! I love green flowers, but now I think I love orange and green flowers even more. They look so alien - like they would grow on Mars, if it weren't just red dust.