favorite flower, today i pick you!

as a florist I often get asked what my favorite flower is.  for those who can't name more then 10 flowers without straining the brain this might seem like a simple question, for them its a 1 in 10 choice, maybe a rose, or a gerbera daisy, possibly a tulip. 

i for the life of me have never been able to answer this question, sometimes its something because of the way its petals bend, sometimes i chose a different flowers because of the way it looks when its dead, or the way its foliage feels between my fingers. i could list "favorite" flowers for days on end.  so i've decided to add this feature to my blog. the "favorite flower, today i pick you!" (yes, it changes daily, sometimes by the minute). 

today. it's mimosa. 
1. The Scent of Stars, 2. Alberello di mimosa, 3. Mira que eres Mimosa (IMG_8308b.jpg), 4. omaggio a tutte le Donne., 5. Acacia baileyana, 6. mimosa, 7. The Time for Yellow, 8. Mimosa, 9. mimosa

if i could only say one thing about mimosa, it would be that it never fails to make me smile. its smells like cotton candy and feels like tiny tiny cotton balls. my friend allyson once told me her favorite trait of mine is that without knowing it i put things up to my lips to feel how soft they are, and that it made her happy to watch me do so. i never noticed i did that until i found myself dragging a sprig of broken mimosa across my lips. its foliage is feather shaped, and is the softest sage green, sometimes even silver. mimosa also makes any other flower sing, mixing it with others is like magic, it can turn the ordinary into something extra special.  so today, mimosa...you are my favorite flower. 

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