sabrina & john 9/19/09

Ohhhhh hi! So lets see, I have so much to post, so many pretty pictures to share, and some funny stories to tell. Lets start with Sabrina and John. First of all...love me some Sabrina! Secondly if she had known that I had driven allll the way to the Mountain Top Inn (an hour from the shop) and then had to drive alllll the way back because I had forgotten the candles which Sabrina and I had spent many an email/facebook chat milling over, she would have freaked out. So YES, Sabrina...I spent most of my time freaking out, swearing at myself and driving way to fast down Rt4. HA! Surprise! In turn...I didn't have time to take pictures of the bouquets, which I'm still angry about...BAH! 
Note to all future brides: This is the first time I've ever forgotten anything...no worries! This story was mostly for Sabrina's benefit. 
OH! Slideshow music: Easy Girl by Coconut Records
Ok, lets see...some of my favorite still shots from the day...

(oh and some of these pictures were stolen off of Sabrina's friend Garrett's facebook page. Sneaky huh?)

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megan said...

prettttty! I love the colors and adore the wooden boxes. And p.s., last week I forgot the freakin' table numbers. And no, I never forget anything either! I had to have my dad drive them out to me at the reception site.