sarah & eddie 12.27.08

yes! a winter wedding, i LOVE them, maybe its the thought of tailored bridal gowns with 3/4 sleeves and coats, (by the way, i'm totally obsessed with this whole look) or maybe its because it affords me the right to get away with using sparkle, and a little bit of christmasy stuff without looking like i love glitter and giant bows. well wait, i do love glitter and giant bows, just not in conjunction with flowers. it is at this point when one might ask if i also love lisa frank, kitty cats, and unicorns... 
ok i'll shut up and move on with the wedding...i must admit i had a brain fart and forgot to take pictures of the bridesmaids bouquets, which i loved...i think i was to busy obsessing over the brides bouquet and strung cranberries and how they would look falling over her hand (oh man, OCD much?...no no lets call it being a perfectionist, it sounds so much more, um...sane) 
the church was all christmasy and cute, and i could help but think i had walked into a wintery wonderland, the 2 feet of snow outside didnt hurt either. 

now i have to admit, although i actually found myself liking the bouquets very much my favorite part of the whole wedding were the boutonnieres and corsages that mitchel made, they came out so cute and filled with amazing texture. love love loved them. so with all this said, happy new years to you all...i'm going home to enjoy my friends and hopefully a lovely buzz.


megan said...

I have totally strung cranberries to come out of arrangements before! I like to call it "attention to detail," not OCD.

Happy New Year, Morgan!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! I love the cranberries dripping from the bouquet.

BTW, my mom loved the bouquet.

rozzie said...