fruit makes everything christmasy

fa la la...
its snowing as i type...an 8 inch accumulation to be precise, and the news says its supposed to snow for the next 4 days. lets hear it for a white christmas! i've thought about running out to play in the snow, but then i remember that, well that means being cold. something i'm not very good at. i hate gloves...oh and dont get me started on mittens. the idea of having lobster claws for hands is something i have yet to wrap my brain around. so needless to say, my hands are always cold...and then i complain, something nobody wants a to hear a 28 year old do when all she has to do is go out and buy some dumb gloves. 

so anyway, i got the chance to decorate a home this past week. she asked for nothing to christmasy/sparkley, something natural, and something that would carry her through the new year. well, wait...lets be honest, she asked to "not come home and feel like i've walked into the griswald's house." so with that said...i went with one classic holiday color and fruit. everybody loves fruit. 
the candles were a surprise i had these fantastic black and white tapers waiting for me! (i was originally told i would be working with plain white tapers) i really think they added so much...and i just love them...mitchel said it was the perfect touch of nightmare before christmas...ahhh yes. 

so...with all that said, i'm off to play in the snow and bitch about how cold my hands are...ah, as is life.

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