mary & ross 8.16.08

so this past weekend i had the pleasure of attending a wedding! imagine that!? its not so often that i get to do the flowers and am allowed to enjoy their end result. mary and ross are folks i've known since high school...ross since middle school. i was so excited to be able to take tons of pictures of all the little details i always miss, and i did. then my camera went missing...needless to say i wasnt a happy camper. did anybody find it? no? didnt think so...

well anyway, i did manage to take some bouquet shots before the wedding and happily stole this image of mary cracking up (something i love about her...she's got a great laugh) off of a facebook album. so...well enjoy. this upcoming weekend is FULL of stuff to do, our largest wedding of the summer and another one involving MANY jellybeans...stay tuned folks. 

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