lisa & tuli 8.9.08

sorry we've been off the map for a little bit. its been quiet and raining, oh the rain...i feel as if we all might float away. i keep thinking to myself that maybe autumn will be perfect...sunny, warm and perfect. at this point i highly doubt it though...i'm sure we're in for snow in september or something off the wall like that. maybe a tsunami? oh wait...we're not close to the ocean, but stranger things have happened. 

as for store going-ons we are now into our first weekend of wedding CRAZINESS. 2, 3, 6 weddings on one day...yes you read that correctly. 6 in one day...ugh....wait for it. 

so this past weekend i enjoyed that fact that we only had one...a nice simple classic red rose wedding. havent done one of these in a very long time...but it was a nice break from the usual (or the not so usual like we tend to lean towards) so with that said i'll leave you with this simple shot of the brides bouquet and tell you that next weekends wedding will be a good one, i even got invited (thanks mary!) so i'll have lots of fantastic shots to share...off to stare at the rain, once again...

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