Shay & Seth 11.12.11

Our final wedding of the 2011 season...and man, if I may toot my own horn a bit, it was a good one. When Shay had originally sent me her first email of inspiration photos, I was a tad on the excited side. Her color palette was among one of my favorites, as it's not much of a secret that I adore the color peach, and not many brides let me use it. People, peach is BEAUTIFUL, and it works with so many other colors! (ok, enough with the hard sell...sorry) Shay and Seth wanted a vintage travel styled wedding without making it feel like they were shoving stamps and airplanes down their guests throats. Shay's attention to detail was amazing, and no detail was left out. All in all, I'm pretty proud of this one, and so happy to be a part of Shay and Seth's beautiful day.

Invitations 044
I'm a sucker for beautiful paper elements, the graphic designer in me will never die. Shay took the time to painstakingly use vintage stamps that best represented the recipient of the invitation. Details people, details. 
Floral wreaths welcomed guests to the church, these smelled amazing as they we're 50% herbs!
Vintage mixed glass compotes added to the vibe and really allowed the flowers to fall nicely
A sweet cake topper for a simply beautiful understated cake
If you would like to check out more pictures of Shay and Seth's day (and you should...they're absolutely beautiful) Head over to Dreamlove's blog and view some gorgeous shots of a really good looking couple. As well as some of the details I was talking about before. It's really worth the 10 min. Promise. 

To view Shay and Seth's professional Photos...click here! 


Kate (floret cadet) said...

I LOVE it all! just gorgeous! that wreath!

katie said...

yep, gorgeous gorgeous work. thanks for the blog love too... :)