Spring has finally...FINALLY sprung. The sun is slowly making its way back and best of all, so are the sunsets... (Obviously there are leaves in those there trees, but it's one of my favorite sunset shots from last summer...so just pretend for me, ok?)

I can't pretend I've been a good blogger for the past few weeks, because the truth of the matter is, I just couldn't pull it together. The end of winter makes me as about as inspired as a smack in the face and all I want to do is get into wedding world, so that I can make beautiful bouquets and fun centerpieces. It's coming...SOON! Instead I will make everyday arrangements for the lovely people of the Upper Valley in hopes of making their final days of the longest winter just a tad more bearable. But truth be told...the sun IS coming....and for a girl who hates the summer, I'm pretty damn excited.

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