Please no...


Seriously, whoever developed this "technique" should be shot...I have a major problem painting flowers in the first place, but to make them look as if a clown threw up on them makes me angry way deep down. The rainbow is a huge trend in wedding flowers right now, but this monster is not how you go about it.

It's safe to say I'm a huge fan of anything that makes me feel like a 7 year old again, rainbows being one of them. I actually really love the idea of a rainbow theme wedding, so as I was sitting on my couch last night I decided to work on a inspiration board dedicated to the oh so happy rainbow. There are so many wonderful ways to produce a rainbow theme wedding that doesn't look like a totally mess. It's all about not going overboard with it...please please please, I beg of you NOT to wear a rainbow dress. Nobody needs to get married looking like Rainbow Brite. Keep the details classic, arrange everyday items in a rainbow pattern (note the soda bottles), and most of all have fun with your food and flowers. (duh on the whole flower part...)

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Denise said...

could not agree more!