Lauren & Yves 10.10.10

Because the world just decided that dumping two feet of snow overnight on New England was a good idea, and because there is NO sunlight to be found I thought that posting some photos from a wedding we did in October might make us all happy. Ok, who am I trying to kid...it makes ME happy, so deal with it. Lauren and Yves are self-proclaimed nerds, actually our first conversation started like this..."Hi, would you be interested in talking to me about doing our nerd wedding?" So, when Lauren showed me a copy their invite I was so in. Binary and romance novels....come on people, this is funny stuff.

So, without putting graphing calculators and Fabio in the middle of their arrangements I made them classic fall arrangements and let their DIY details really shine.

There...after seeing all that green grass I feel so much better.

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Pats and Danielle said...

i am always such a fan of the cluster shot- all pieces together. love the wild colors too!