Dear Brides, Prom goers, All around snazzy ladies,
I know a veil is traditional and pretty, and lovely. I also know that a birdcage veil is, trendy, retro and fun...I even know that a wrist corsage is just what you do for prom; but I have another idea...how about a flower headband? Let it be known that I worked with this thing on my head all day and never once did I want to throw it across the room like a baby does with a stupid sun hat. They're very comfy, totally adjustable for those with bowling ball sized heads like myself, but most of all they're FUN, and totally one of a kind! I mean really...isn't a wedding or a prom all about having fun anyway? I also know for a fact that you can dance with it on...because I secretly tested it out in the privacy of my office. Just throwing the idea out there for you to ponder, I apologize for the fact that the idea has my face attached to it though. Go forth and contemplate the amazingness of the flower headband!!

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Lindsay said...

love it! I also just posted a link to your blog on mine...hopefully you'll get some hits..I told them you're amazing!