Oh, this one was so hard to give away...I will remember you fondly pink, grey and orange arrangement. I hope your new owner loves you as much as I did.

In other totally unrelated news:
I spent a good 10 minutes this morning cleaning off my desk...organizing non-sense, sorting thumbtacks, all just to waste time. When all was put away and everything was clean I decided I needed to make a sign for myself as a constant reminder to finish what I start. So, after making a sign that states "DO YOUR WORK" I realized that I could have actually been doing work, instead of making a sign. So, needless to say...if I owe you a wedding quote, I'm getting there, I'm just having a "focus" moment. Thanks for your patience.


Miss Pickering said...

Glad it's not just me, my focus also seems to be lost at the moment. I have filed a missing persons report. I blame the extreme cold and snow we are having here, constant tea drinking leaves little time for anything else!

Eden Lilly said...

good god, that pink, grey, and orange guy is making me swoon.