anne & alicia 5.30.09

So I feel like I'm posting this on the appropriate day...today New Hampshire passed the bill legalizing gay marriage. Awesome...I couldn't be more proud to live in a state that actually GETS it. With that out of the way...last weekend I had the pleasure to do the flowers for these two lovely ladies. They got married at a beautiful little inn in VT called the Apple Hill Inn...to be honest I was pretty in love with their bouquets and took WAY to many photos of them. Textural bouquets are among my most favorite to do...and they just so happened to have a fantastic color pallet (apple green, royal purple and chocolate brown...sexy huh?) I was able to get 80% of the flowers used in the bouquets locally and had a fantastic time picking them...
and even more fun putting them all together. 

Now...if I could have snuck into their honeymoon luggage and magically made my way to Key West I would be a even happier girl.

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megan said...

Tuesday the CA Supreme Court upheld the legality of Prop 8. BOO California, you bastards. HOORAY New Hampshire.