i can feel it...

...spring is right the corner. i can feel it in my bones, actually more like on my toes because i'm officially back in flip-flops. ok fine, maybe its a little early for bare feet, but my left pinky toe is happy to see the sun, it told me so. 
so for those not from this fantastic part of the country i'll explain what "spring" means. it means mud, its actually a well known fact that new england has 5 seasons. winter, mud, spring, summer and fall. we get so much snow that the melting process just wreaks havoc on everything... (the road leading up to my friend emilie's house...fun huh?)

my delivery van has notoriously been stuck in a number of driveways, desperately spinning its tires in the mud. so for those who are surrounded by nice paved roads...i'm officially telling you now that i'm jealous. 

but with spring, brings happy flowers, the start to local product (pussy willow galore!) and the ability to start gathering moss for the ever so popular terrariums...

so with all that happy stuff said about spring, its now pouring rain, and grey outside. so much for warm toes.....lame. 

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2 Vermont Chitlins said...

hey hey--I know that road! =)

It is in the air indeed, my friend...yes indeed! =)