glamour shots...

i hear on a daily basis how awesome my job is...its true, it pretty much rules at life, but there is one aspect to the job which i am not so in love with. 

my hands.

granted the photo above just shows a tiny bit of what i'm about to talk about...florist hands are notoriously nasty. i have a callus on my thumb from holding a knife, dirt ground into the cracks on my fingers, that no matter how hard i scrub just wont go away. i obviously cant wear nail polish, because it peels within a matter of hours, and god forbid i grow my nails...nobody wants to look like they have a years worth of dirt under their nails! the nail on my right index finger is a lovely shade of green, and the skin around my nails peels as if i'm a snake shedding its skin. oh, and don't get me started on the small cuts and scars i have up and down my arms. thorns are mean. so as a really good example of the horror to which i speak, i took a picture of my hands after valentines day. 

gross huh? 
but the one thing i think of when i look at my hands is that they make people happy. cheesy? ohhh hell yeah! but yeah...its true.


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rozzie said...

my god do i relate. sand paper claws.