Hello Technology...

after much thought and going back and forth with ideas...we've decided that a blog is much better suited to our shop. we change often and the idea of a static website just didnt sit well with us. so please allow me to introduce ourselves...


how was that for an introduction? not good enough you say? ok, fine...we are valley flower company, a full service florist and gift shop located smack dab in the middle of the twin states. (for you non-new englanders...new hampshire, & vermont) we plan on using this blog to allow you to see the things we are working on in the shop...weddings, events, new products, silly things. so please check back often, and its a pleasure to make your acquaintance



Pats and Danielle said...

You know, I sat down two hours ago (I had a few annoying interruptions) and read through this whole blog and think you might have answered my long running question, should I finish my website already? I do think that sites are cool if you're super huge and corporate and need to appeal to the same people who don't think you're legit unless you have one. Soooo, maybe I should just keep what I have; it seems to have worked for you! Yeah this is long but convenient. Sorry and hello!

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